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Green office


In RE/MAX Home Experts  we are advocates of environmental protection by reducing causes of eventual global warming and promoting a responsible use of planet resources.

Among the policies we are enforcing to try to reach those goals are:

Environvental Comfort 

  • Air conditioning. Use of programmable thermostat in order to reduce waste of energy in off-hours and days.
  • Use of comfortable temperature settings of AC and heating systems during working hours.
  • Lighting. Office illumination is provided by energy-saving fluorescent lights for reduced energy consumption. All lights are turned off when office is closed at night.
  • Use of water in the office is restricted to one sink in the kitchen area to reduce liquid waste and sewage as much as possible. 

Use of Paper and Forest materials

  • Use of paper is reduced to a minimum. Administration and agents are encouraged to use electronic communications within the office and the office Extranet.
  • In the same way, when allowed by law and real estate regulations, electronic storage of documents and files is in practice.
  • Furniture. All new furniture acquired should be built from renewable resources and preferably of recycled materials or materials that can be recycled.


  • All paper materials are disposed in recycle bins and sent to a recycling facility. The same applies for plastic, metal and glass waste materials.
  • Use of glass cups and reusable silverware is preferred to disposable plastic cups and other kitchen materials.

Efficient Use of Energy

  • All office computers are Energy Star compliant.
  • Administrative and Resource Room computers are set to hibernate when not in use and displays are turned off if not in use during 15 minutes.
  • All new equipment and appliances must be Energy Star compliant.

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