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ISO 9001


RE/MAX Home Experts have a commitment to Total Quality Management (TQM) and customer satisfaction in all our real estate services.
For this reason, RE/MAX Home Experts are advocates of the ISO 9001 (ISO: International Standardization Organization) concept applied to the Real Estate business. The ISO 9001 concept applied by RE/MAX Home Experts to a real estate brokerage operation is probably pioneer in the U.S. and the Americas, and will probably show the track to follow in the search for excellence, and to provide customers with top quality real estate services and elevated levels of satisfaction.
ISO 9001 is one of a family of standards that represents an international consensus on good managament practices and is primarily concerned with TQM to deliver services that:
· Meet the customer's quality requirements
· Comply with the applicable regulatory requirements
· Enhance customer satisfaction
· Achieve continual improvement of its performance in persuit of these objectives
 Come to RE/MAX Home Experts and enjoy TOTAL QUALITY SERVICE in our real estate services!

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