Consumer Disclosure

You have the absolute right to select the lender, settlement agent, and title insurance provider of your choice. Neither builders nor real estate agents can require that you obtain these services from any particular sources as a condition of purchase. Further, if you purchase new construction and the builder pays some or all of the closing costs if you use a particular lender and settlement agent, the builder may not require you to obtain title insurance through any particular provider.

If a real estate agent or brokerage is receiving income from mortgage, settlement services, or title insurance providers because of giving referrals (which is illegal), by being an employee, or because of ownership, they must disclose this to you in writing and provide you with a copy. In the State of Pennsylvania, real estate agents may only receive such income with the written permission of their brokerage firm. This is done to ensure that consumers receive full disclosure and understand the motivations of their real estate agent.

Settlement Service Experts LLC is a title company independently owned. Eventualy, some of the owners of RE/MAX Home Experts; and some of its licensees (who have made legitimate investments in ownership in accordance with, we believe, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act as enforced by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development), could have interests in these companies. Licensees who have ownership receive financial benefit only based on their ownership interest and not based on the referral of any specific transaction (including yours) or on the number of referrals made.

Fees are subject to change and are available upon request and will be provided to you in writing before you make any commitments.

You do not have to use this company.
You have the right to shop around. Frequently, there are other lenders available with similar services. By shopping, you can determine that you are receiving the best, most reliable, and most convenient services for you at a rate best for you.