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Date Calculator

Calculates the day of the week for any date; days passed after initial date; time elapsed between dates; and month calendar.


Unit Converter / Online unit converter

Converts units from one system to other (English, metric, international system, old Spanish units, etc) including length, area, volume, temperature, time, pressure, angles, density, force, energy, power, electrical, velocity, thermal coefficients, etc)





Monthly Payment
Calculates your monthly payment for different loan amounts, interest rates, and amortization terms.

How Much Can I Afford?
Calculates your estimated mortgage amount based upon the monthly payment, interest rate, and term that you enter.

How Much Can I Borrow (Prequalification)?
Calculates how much you can borrow based on your income, debts and desired loan terms.

Rent vs Own
Estimates the financial benefits of owning a home in comparison to renting one.


Payment/Amortization Schedule (1024x768)

Payment/Amortization Schedule (1280x1024)

Calculates the breakdown of principal and interest payments for mortgages/loans in a period up to 50 years.

Extra Payment Mortgage Reduction
Calculates how much you can save on your loan by increasing your monthly payment and gives the new amortization schedule.


APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
Calculates how much a loan really costs. Also, you can compare loans and determine which loan provides you with the best APR value when considering closing costs and mortgage commissions.


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